How to Attract Goldfinches

Goldfinches are found in most habitats across North America, including backyards. To attract goldfinches to your yard, we recommend offering the right food and designated finch feeders or a designated finch-feeding station.

Recommended Food
We recommend offering fresh Nyjer® (thistle) because it is goldfinches’ favorite feeder food. Nyjer has a high oil content and is an excellent energy source for these active birds.  Our Finch Mix is another great option, with a 50/50 blend of Nyjer® (thistle) and Fine Sunflower Chips (Goldfinches two favorite foods!).

Recommended Items
1. WBU EcoClean Finch Feeders accommodate goldfinches’ small bills and allow them to easily dine on Nyjer.  Quick-Clean™ means these feeders have a removable base, which makes cleaning a breeze. They are easy to fill and hang, deter squirrels and come with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Simply add our Weather Guard dome to your finch feeder to help keep seed dry and protect birds from inclement weather.

3. Because they locate food by sight and are sometimes intimidated by the activity of other birds, provide goldfinches with their own feeding station in an open, easy-to-find area.

Create a goldfinch feeding station with our exclusive Advanced Pole System® (APS) Basic Setup Hanging Hardware. It’s easy to construct and maintain. Just plant it into the ground, add the extension poles and arms, and top it with the decorative finial. Then fill and hang your feeders.

Keep your Nyjer fresh and mold-free with Feeder Fresh™. Mix it with the seed in your feeders, and the absorbent granules will “drink up” excess moisture. Feeder Fresh is safe for you and your birds.