Provide High-fat Foods to Help Birds Survive Winter

It's still winter, which means birds must use more energy to survive colder days and longer hours of darkness at night. This energy comes from birds' body fat reserves, which must be replenished each day. You can make a difference by offering a reliable source of high-fat foods such as our exclusive Jim's Birdacious® Bark Butter® and premium suet products.

Want More Options?

Try Jim's Birdacious® Bark Butter® Bits.  These small nuggets of Bark Butter can be offered alone in an open tray or dish, or try mixing them in with your bird seed.  In fact, our Winter SuperBlend 7lb. bags and Winter SuperBlend Cylinders include Bark Butter Bits making them easy choices.



SuperSuet is back in stock!!

For the birds in your backyard, suet equals energy! Now you can provide the very best with SuperSuet™ exclusively from Wild Birds Unlimited. It's our highest in protein and fat to support the birds' nutritional needs and give them a boost of the energy they need. Our much anticipated shipment has finally arrived and we don't anticipate any future shortages.

High Fat Foods For Winter Are Now On SALE!

Suet Cakes
Cases of Suet (in-store only)
Suet Cylinders
Suet Balls
Suet Plugs
Bark Butter®️ Tubs
Bark Butter®️ Bits
Bugs & Bits 
Winter SuperBlend Seed Cylinders
Winter SuperBlend 7lb. Bags

Shop Now and save 15% on all foods listed above. Daily Savings Club Members will receive an additional 5% Off the Sale Price.

High Fat Food SALE starts Friday, 2/16 thru Thursday, 2/29/2024.


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